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I realize that no two people are the same and as such tailor my therapy to meet the specific needs of my clients. Whether you are struggling with anxiety, depression or any other issue, I will help you recognize underlying problems, fully realize your strengths and adjust certain behaviors and thoughts to see things a different, healthier way.

My practice specializes in treating individuals, couples and families and I offer comprehensive services dealing with:

Career Counseling

To experience a fully happy life, it’s important to have a career that you love.

Conflict Resolution

In any type of relationship, be it personal or professional, conflict is bound to happen.

Counseling for Anxiety

When it comes to treating anxiety, research shows that therapy is usually the most effective option.

Couples Counseling

I help people develop the necessary skills needed to maintain sustaining love.

Emotion-Focused Therapy

EFT is an approach to therapy treatment based on the premise that our emotions are a key to our identity and a guide for decision making.

Family Counseling

Anyone seeking healthier, closer family relationships can benefit from family therapy.

Group Therapy

Group therapy helps you find a sense of community with others who are going through similar things as you while giving you access to valuable therapy that can truly help you feel better.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy helps you win against whatever you’re battling by putting a real expert in your corner by means of a professional therapist.

Life Transitions

Change, even difficult change that is neither wanted nor expected, can influence personal growth. 

Parenting Coaching

Coaching is a bit different from traditional psychotherapy or counseling in that its focus is more goal-directed.

Pre-Marital Counseling

Premarital counseling might be last on your list if it's there at all.

Therapy for Depression

If you have had any variation of these thoughts and don’t feel like your usual self, chances are you may be suffering from depression.

Therapy for Self-Esteem

When one has high self-esteem, they feel confident, centered, and worthy of love.

Therapy for Teens

Teens can often face some serious life challenges that impact their mental health and well-being.

Women’s Issues

Women may experience certain environmental, psychological, and biological challenges related to gender that have a significant impact on their mental health and well-being. 

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